CFFA1 for Apple1, Replica1, Mimeo1

CFFA1 V1.0 RevD CF Interface card
For Apple1, Replica1 and Mimeo1 vintage computers

  NOTE: This card is NOT for Apple II computers!


We have built a second batch of 200 CFFA1 cards for Apple 1 computer and its clones: Replica 1 / Mimeo 1.

The current shipping firmware is v1.1 which contains a few improvements, including support for Briel Computers' Replica 1 Multi I/O board's ACIA port.

Foreign Shippings:

USPS International Express Mail. This option is expensive, but the package is tracked and insured. If the package is lost, we can send you another board or refund your money. NOTE: First class international shipping is no longer offered. I realize this may cause some people to not order, but too many packages were getting lost using first class international. It was just not a reliable option, sorry.


CFFA1 for Apple1, Replica1, Mimeo1

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