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CFFA3000 for Apple II (Run#3) is SOLD OUT!

Please use this order status page to track progress on CFFA3000 shipments. If you are interested in buying a CFFA3000 and missed out, please email me and let me know. I will add you to the Run #4 interest list.

CFFA1 for Apple 1 (Run#2)

The second run of CFFA1 for Apple 1 / Replica 1 / Mimeo 1 computers is in stock. Please allow up to 4 weeks for delivery from the date you place an order. Pease NOTE: The CFFA1 is NOT for the Apple II computer. Please use this order status page to track progress on CFFA1 shipments. 

Foreign Customers:

Shipping: USPS International Express Mail.
I no longer offer the less expensive "First Class International" option. Too many packages were getting lost using First Class.

NOTE: We report the true cost and contents of the packages shipped to foreign countries. On the customs label the CFFA boards are reported as "Computer Parts" and the value is the actual cost you paid for the board not including shipping fees. Import duties/VAT/Taxes vary widely from country to country. You are responsible for any additional customs fees charged by your country's customs/tax authority. Please keep this in mind before ordering.