Welcome to CFFA3000 (Run#4) Order Page!!

Here you may place an order for a CFFA3000 Interface card for Apple II. Maximum quantity per person is limited to 2. This card is compatible with the Apple II, II+, IIe, IIe Enhanced, and IIgs. This card will NOT work with the Apple IIc or the Laser 128.

You may also order an optional Remote switch board with cover and cable. This remote board is mainly targeted at non-IIgs users, like the II+ and IIe users who do not have access to the CFFA3000 menus while running games.

We can only ship about 100 boards per month. This means that to ship all 500 board in this run, it will take about 5 months. (Nov 2015 to April 2016). Depending on when your payment is received and how many people are in the queue before you, your wait time could be up to 5 months. Please consider this before ordering. Once these units are gone, the soonest more boards will be produced is Nov 2016. You can use the order status page to get a sense of how long the backlog is.

Please use this order status page to track progress on CFFA3000 shipments and check backlog. As of Nov 3, 2015 we have received orders for 300 boards. This means that orders placed today will have a lead time of at least 3 months.

CFFA3000 Introduction video

CFFA3000 setup video

CFFA1 for Apple 1 (Run#2)

The second run of CFFA1 for Apple 1 / Replica 1 / Mimeo 1 computers is in stock. Please allow up to 2 weeks for delivery from the date you place an order. Pease NOTE: The CFFA1 is NOT for the Apple II computer. Please use this order status page to track progress on CFFA1 shipments.

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Foreign Customers:

All packages are shipped via USPS.com International Express Mail. This method is expensive, but is tracked and insured, so if a package is lost, we can send you another one at no cost except additional shipping, or refund your money, not including shipping. Sorry, but we no longer offer the less expensive "First Class International" option, because too many packages were getting lost. If you only need to order a remote switch board and nothing else, we will ship them via first class mail. Please contact us via email before order for instructions.

NOTE 1: Contents are reported on customs forms as "Computer Parts" and the total value is the actual cost you paid for the board not including shipping fees.

NOTE 2: Taxes and import duties vary widely from country to country. You are responsible for these fees so please keep this in mind before ordering.